Things that are the same, things that are different

I am up early. As usual when I am in Istanbul I can not sleep late. I think it's something about the light which is clear and bright and I hope it lasts all year because I will be much more productive. But I must learn to go to bed earlier.

It doesn't feel like I live somewhere different when I'm in my apartment (I guess I should start calling it my "flat" but that still seems silly to me). When I venture out though, I feel like "foreigner". I'm sure that will fade a bit with time. Within a few days I always feel right at home, but I guess I will always look like "foreigner" to the Turks.

Last night I ventured out to find food, planning to find a cafe and sit and have a decent meal. Couldn't find the cafes. I'm sure I'm close, I remember this neighborhood and it is packed full of cute cafes, but I went the wrong way and everything was closed down toward the Bosphorous. The good news is I found the tram stop just a few blocks from my place, so now I know EXACTLY where I am. Today I will climb up the hill instead of heading down as I try to find my way to meet Gulten for lunch. Last night I ended up with a can of tuna and some really good juice from a little market across the street. These markets are kind of like the bodegas in New York. Small and they stay open late and have two or three of each item. Some of the stuff is fresh but if you pick up something dusty you know to steer away from that particular item.

Things that are the same:
The sounds of birds outside my window in the morning.
My dog waking me up before I'm ready and then sleeping soundly once I am wide awake.
My apartment never seems quite neat and clean enough.
The sound of helicopters flying far overhead.
There's not enough room for my clothes.
The internet looks mostly the same.

Things that are different:
The sound of cats outside my window at night.
I can see the Bosphorous from my window.
I live across the street from a Ducati dealer and a pet store-- how lucky I am I? No need to search far and wide for Chloe supplies and who knows, maybe I will buy a motorcycle. Or meet the Turkish Fonzie.
I have no idea what anyone is saying to me.
The blogger site is in Turkish. No idea why or how to change it. My 12-word Turkish vocabulary helps me only a little.

Hmmmm. So far more similarities than differences. Interesting.

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