Sleeping dog's eye

I’ve decided to take advantage of one of my last non-working days by slowing down and relaxing a bit. Yesterday I was offered and accepted a position teaching English starting next week. In some ways I’m looking forward to getting started, but it has been awfully nice to only worry about my own agenda for the last few weeks.

Before heading out I took Chloe downstairs to visit Musa and the weavers. Musa was out, but the two American ladies were there, weaving away. As usual they were full of helpful information, such as that I should ask for a driver because my school is in the middle of nowhere and the schools are used to providing drivers but may not offer unless I ask. They also told me about a café where I can get my coffee fix and work away on my laptop, which is where I am right now. It’s owned by a Canadian woman and is very nice, large, and cool. I think I will be a regular here… So far I’ve met an American who is traveling around the world climbing mountains and was invited to go with the owner to a ceramic studio, but I turned that down. I really need to get my banking done and then want to wander to the nearby mosque and something called Kocuk Aya Sophia, a small building that is supposed to be very similar architecturally to Aya Sophia but much smaller.

In the photo above Chloe is modeling her new collar, compliments of Musa. It’s too big for my teeny dog, but I put it on her now and then because it’s cute and it makes Musa happy to see Chloe jingling around with her evil eye collar. It also helps me keep track of her because she is becoming much braver in his atelier, running into different rooms and out into the hall, and I’m not sure what his reaction would be if she does something naughty in his space. She might not be so cute and popular anymore…

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