Sublets, synchronicity and camels

Please note that no camels where harmed in the creation of the photograph above. I think he was just tired, and decided to take a little rest on the sands of Cappadocia (sort of central Turkey). I feel a little like he looks at the moment, worn out with thinking and planning. And trying to figure out how to reduce the stuff I want to take with me to the size of something that might fit on that poor camels back.

I'm trying to work out the apartment sublet situation. I have to find someone I trust to live with my stuff, pay me on time, and pay up and move in at the drop of a hat as I have a feeling everything will just HAPPEN and I will have to go right away. And of course money is an issue. I just realized that after three years of working for a non-profit I have no savings but I do have debt. Before I started there I had savings and no debt. My current debt is equal to the savings I had three years ago. Ugh, ugh, ugh. In this particular case I am not a fan of symmetry.

Example number 426 of synchronicity in my life regarding Turkey: I went to the library to look for a specific book but couldn't find it. I started randomly browsing. A business card fell out. It was the card of a Turkish business man located in Istanbul. This stuff happens to me almost every day.

I want to shout, "I get it! I'm supposed to go! But could you please tell me what I'm supposed to do there?" Instead I just laugh and walk out of the library. I guess I got what I came for.

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