First Impressions

Walking home today through the wind and blowing rain, carrying my little dog in a bag, I noticed a small old woman giving me a sideways look. I figured it was one of those "why do people have those little accessory dog" looks. The ones that make me want to say "but I'm allergic and it's the only kind of dog I can have and anyway my dog is fabulous and I'm just coming from the subway because I had to take her to the vet".

But then I looked again and she gave a little smile at my dog and made a beeline for us. And I noticed she looked like an apple-- all red-pink-orange, hair and skin all one color, delicate but sturdy. With a sparkly smile. She patted my dog and asked her name and then told me to "be careful with her". Sweet as can be, and on her way she went.

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