Jury duty!

Here is where my rose colored glasses really come in handy-- jury duty!

I'm sitting here in the Brooklyn Supreme Court building. It's really nice, who would've thought! There's free wireless, comfy airport style chairs, lots of space, and most surprising of all it's clean with lots of natural light. Much better than my previous jury experiences.

So, instead of sitting at a desk all day I am sprawled out pecking away on my computer. And joy of joy the guy who is listening to music on his cell phone full blast just drifted away.

The only complaint I have so far is that my feet and the bottom of my jeans are still wet from the teeming rain I had to walk through to get here, but I really can't blame that on our justice system.

I am also amused by the people who are complaining because they took us upstairs to sit outside a courtroom and then brought us back down a few hours later. They thought it was "ridiculous" and were highly offended by the "waste of time". Obviously the case we were possibly to hear was settled as the culprits (I overheard, they plead guilty) were coming out of the courtroom one by one with their lawyers telling them what they had to do (parole, programs, etc.) We were sent to lunch and told to report back to where we had started. I guess those women thought riding 16 floors in an elevator was a waste of time, but really, who cares where we wait. You have jury duty. Suck it up, expect to spend the day, and be glad it's only one day!

I am just happy I will get home earlier than usual and be able to climb into a hot tub with bubbles and fizzy things from LUSH (http://www.lush.com/)

In fact, that's the one improvement I could suggest: big clawfoot tubs. If we could watch the trial on closed-circuit television from a bubble bath. With free wireless.

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