Blue mosque, gold tree

We've had three snowy days in a row this week. I have been busy, and when I haven't been busy I've been playing in the snow. So, in lieu of a thousand words, here are some pictures.

Blue Mosque in the snow, early morning.

Catprints on rooftops

My street, early morning.


carole said...

Beautiful.. is snow normal there?

Kedi (nickname courtesy of Frank) said...

It's normal but maybe not common. I think they go some winters without snow and sometimes, as earlier this year, it snows for a few days in a row but nothing "sticks". Now the snow is completely gone and it feels almost like spring. Hard to believe this was less than a week ago!

Mary Ellen said...

Sorry about the long delay in writing. Harold and I have been thinking about you and Miss Chloe. We sure miss seeing you around the 'hood.
Sounds like a great adventure--and you are a fine writer, if I say so myself.

Kedi (nickname courtesy of Frank) said...

Thanks! I hope you, Harold, and those crazy pooches are doing well. Chloe and I may be back to visit in the summer or fall so we hope to see you then!

Anonymous said...
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