I have been busy, busy, busy! My teaching schedule exploded, and so did my temper as a result, but after a few weeks of pushing and arguing I have worked out a reasonable solution to my work schedule. So thanks for the concern, Judy! I am overworked and tired but otherwise well and hope to get back to writing more regularly.

Today I will leave you with a photo and a few brief lines. The photo is of my table in my usual cafĂ© and shows my usual order with a slight variation. I always order a hazelnut cappuccino and water, but today was in the mood for a treat so I also ordered orange poppy seed cake. You will note that the cake came with a knife and fork, which illustrates a Turkish habit that I find very funny. If you order any kind of food it is always accompanied by a knife and fork. Order a sandwich, you get a knife and fork. Order a cookie, you get a knife and fork. I’ve been told once or twice that it is considered a little uncivilized by some to eat with your fingers, but I am not the only one who picks up her cookie to eat it.

I’ve tried a few times to use the utensils to eat something I normally would pick up to eat. But the last time I did that the pastry turned out to be a bit crustier than expected which resulted in a rather large bit of pastry cracking off and shooting across the table in a most uncivilized manner accompanied by the crack of my knife suddenly striking china. So uncivilized I may be, but I now use my fingers freely and manage to get most of my food into my mouth.

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